Serene Intentions

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies" ~ unknown


In every moment we have a choice of how we respond or react. The choice of whether we live in the present moment or not; whether or not to live with intention and compassion.

Learning to live in the present moment and remembering to "JUST PAUSE" can have a significant effect on your future.  Taking a moment to "BE" before reacting or responding can significantly change the outcome of any situation, and that choice is yours.  If you learn to live in the present moment with gratitude and harmony, life will automatically begin to flow more naturally and smoothly.

While this concept often seems puzzling, with proper perspective and reflection, the choice to be present can be ingrained into our normal routine and become transformative. Like any transformative experience, this process takes time, practice, and dedication. 

Think about the transformation of the butterfly: the metamorphosis they go through in order to evolve into such colorful, beautiful creatures. Our human lives are similar. We will encounter periods of shifts and changes; we will evolve in some ways. But if we look within we may evolve beyond our current physical and emotional states, possibly to discover that like the butterfly, we too will transform; advancing to the finest versions of ourselves -our own beautiful creature within.

Serene Intentions is here to assist you along your personal transformational journey. As each person is unique, we will customize our services to you and what you need.




I am not a licensed mental health therapist, the services I provide do not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders.