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Serene Intentions

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies" ~ unknown

Every day of every year and every minute of every day we have a choice, a choice of what we do with it.

Learning to live in the present moment and remembering to "JUST PAUSE" can have a significant effect on our future whether it is the next minute the next day or the next year. Taking a moment to "BE" before reacting or responding can significantly change the outcome of any situation, and that choice is yours.  If you learn to live in the present moment and live from a place of compassion and harmony life will automatically begin to flow more naturally and smoothly.

Think about the transformation of the butterfly: the metamorphosis process they go through to turn in to such colorful beautiful creatures. It takes time, this is a process, but after the process they are free to fly or flutter wherever they choose. As our human lives are similar, we go through stages, we change and shift, but if we go within, we will find that beautiful colorful creature within each and every one of us.