Motivational Guidance to a Healthier, Happier You

Connect now “pay” later...

Serene Intentions is offering all virtual public group sessions on a donation basis, during the pandemic crisis!

If you are unable to financially donate at this time due to your current situation, that is fine. I just ask that between now and the Fourth of July you contribute in some way to give back to those that give to you – a monetary donation to a charity or cause that speaks to your heart, a donation of your time volunteering to help an individual or group, clean out your closets, basement, garage, or attic and donate to a charity. Whatever you give with a joyful, grateful heart is priceless. 

Half of all monetary donations received will be donated on behalf of Serene Intentions and all of its participants to local families in need through these times; the other half will be used to continue to maintain the website and keep the business moving forward so that we all can stay connected


Strength and beauty begin within…

. . . this is something Heather Sherrill has known for over 20 years as a licensed instructor in the beauty industry.  Driven by her inner passion to share all her knowledge of mindful, holistic living and personal development to improve others overall well-being, Heather founded Serene Intentions in 2013.   

"I've always had an indescribable inner passion to help others become beautiful from the inside out. Becoming more in touch with their true authentic self....assisting with their own self-discovery and clarity."


Heather began her journey in holistic health over 15 years ago as an avenue for personal healing and growth.  As an ordained minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies and as a Soul Collage® facilitator, Heather offers a variety of different self-discovery workshops and motivational life guidance programs to businesses and individuals.   

Serene Intentions provides a unique opportunity, in a variety of settings, to uncover the many benefits of mindful living in a relaxed, safe space with guidance, compassion and support. 

"Nothing is out of your reach. Anything is possible with the right intentions, increasing what it is you truly want."

Heather has also earned

  • AAMET Accredited Certfied EFT Practitioner
  • Transformation Meditation Teacher Certification,
  •  Reiki Level II Practitioner,
  • EFT training,
  • extensive facilitation training, and
  • Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner. 

We will provide you with the support and guidance you need to help change your life. To achieve and maintain the happiest, healthiest you.

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies


Certificates & Studies

Heather is an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through Center for Sacred Studies, non-denominational Sacred Studies, EFT certified practitioner, and Soul Collage®

  • AAMET Accredited Certfied EFT Practitioner
  • has Extensive facilitator training
  • is a Certified Meditation Teacher certificate
  • is a Certified SoulCollage® facilitator
  • is Reiki II Certified
  • is a Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner

Our Clients say:

"I’ve had my nails done by Heather for 17 years. Not just because I like my nails, because it is more like my therapy. She is compassionate and a great listener . She always helps me to see things in a different way." ~ Pam Pastor