Motivational Guidance to a Healthier, Happier You

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 Life Guidance and EFT Sessions

After an initial session (called Intention Session) where we will clarify your specific needs and personal desires, each Life Guidance Session will follow the path laid out in that Intention session.  We will clarify the steps needed to obtain your ultimate goals.

Motivational, inspirational, intuitive journey of self-discovery for a more balanced life of health and happiness.

  • Learn and practice simple techniques of mindfulness and meditation, to integrate into your daily life.
  • Guide, support, and assist you , as you put your Initial Intention Session into action.
  • Work together to develop a plan to achieve your specific intentions, desires, and needs.
  • Achieve and maintain your own self-care, a more positive sense of yourself, and your health and happiness

Continuous sessions may be necessary for a time, to fully integrate your intentions. 

Call today to take that first step to enhance your life.

Though we are located in the Cleveland, OH area, we can work with you remotely.  Phone sessions can be just as effective.  So whether you live outside the area, are on a trip, or just want to try it, consider Phone Guidance.

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation provides benefits at many levels:

  • Physical Health
  • Psychological/Emotional Health
  • Work-Related Benefits

I am not a licensed mental health therapist, the services I provide do not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders.