guided meditation

 Guided Meditation

Whether you are new to meditation or have practiced it yourself for years, guided meditation can help you reach serenity.

We will help guide you away from stress and toward a tranquil imaginary place, whether it's in a group or private session.

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life guidance sessions

 Life Guidance and EFT Sessions

After your initial Intention Session, we will discover your specific needs and goals, then help you go deeper into the path toward your goals.

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corporate wellness programs


 Corporate Wellness

Investing in your Employees is an investment in your company.  A healthy employee saves you money.

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SoulCollage Workshops

Workshops: Soul Collage®

SoulCollage® is a creative self-expression process using your own personal creativity and imagination. It is an illuminating process of self-discovery, a form of creative play, self-care, and personal reflection. There is no right or wrong way! No art experience is necessary!

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